Mark Your Calendars July 17-21st 2019
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Vendor Registration

All Fond du Lac County Fair Vendors can register and submit all important documents online!

By completing the form below, you are entering into agreement with the Fond du Lac County Agricultural Society for the dates of July 18 - July 22, 2018.

Questions? Contact Lisa Immel or Elizabeth Thome, Fond du Lac County Fair Space Managers

Lisa Immel - 920.539.1852 | Elizabeth Thome - 920.979.4598

Company Information

Previous Vendor

Space Rental - Outdoor Vendors

List # of Ft. Needed & Total Cost
List #of Ft. Needed & Total Cost
Electricity Needed

Space Rental - Indoor Vendors

# of Spaces Needed

Camping Rental

$150 for the Week Per Trailer

Preferred Camping Location

Measure from hitch to bumper when fully extended!

Supply Truck

Are you bringing a Supply Truck? $50/week to park truck on grounds w/ electricity

Additional Tickets Needed

Expo Building Vendors receive two tickets per day.
Outdoor vendors receive three tickets per day.

There is no general admission to enter the fairgrounds. These tickets are solely for parking on the grounds.
List # of Tickets & Total Cost

Recycling/Waste Fee

ALL vendors must pay $30 recycling/waste fee.

Required Documents

Menu - Food Vendors Please submit your menu with pricing!
Insurance Policy Please upload your current insurance policy!
Commission Fee Acknowledgement
Terms & Conditions

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